Knowing that a one size does not fit all, our program is customized in respect to our bio-individuality 

Whether you need help with loosing/gaining weight, building muscles or performing better; selecting your personal trainer is your first step towards achieving your goal.

All our personal trainers are highly qualified and selected to provide you with a tailored program that meets your goals using whatever  training space you have and in the most creative manner. 


– we start with our discovery session to provide our clients with :  

. Bio-chemical assessment by our physiotherapist

. Nutrition guidelines & Body composition (Inbody) by our nutritionist

. Fitness assessment by our personal trainer

Our team coordinate & work holistically on your tailored program to fill the gap between health & fitness.

– The kickstart; We send our qualified  personal trainer to your home and deliver results-driven workouts tailored to your individual goals.

– We will help you find a nutrition plan that is sustainable and manageable for you.

– Whether  you are an  early bird and want to get a session before work to feel energised for the rest of the day, or you prefer an evening session after a tough day, we will be there and ready to train you  


1- Choose your location, Coach, PT package & Training time.

2- Fill out the FTNS form we’ll take it from there.

3- Start your journey in 48 hours.